Selena Gomez new song “Bad Liar” is out!

“13 Reasons Why” executive director’s new song is now available!

Texan artist Selena Gomez officially released her new song “Bad Liar” (May 18) and her music video is exclusive on Spotify!

The song will be part of her upcoming album SG3 (with no release date available yet).Borrowing the bass-line from well-known song “Psycho Killer” (1977) from Talking Heads which she is a fan of, Gomez wrote about the first stages of falling in love: trying to lie about not feeling an attraction, when in reality she can’t stop thinking about this person…
However, the lyrics are confusing and is making everybody question what the heck is going on? Isn’t she dating Abel?
Yes, she is dating The Weeknd, but we can’t help but wonder, why is she singing like they’re not together?

For whatever it’s worth, my bet is that this song was written a while ago, when things weren’t official and she is describing how she felt when she started to notice she had strong feelings for him, yet she was trying to lie about them.
I’ll guess this, because at one point by the end of the music, she sings:

“And oh baby let’s make reality, actuality, a reality
Oh baby let’s make reality, actuality, a reality”

It makes me think that at this point when the music was written, things weren’t yet a reality.
In fact, it just became public-known at MET Gala 2017 when Selena and Abel arrived together and posed on the red carpet.

Okay, focusing on the music and video.
The melody we already know who is from. The was she sings is completely new, out of the box for Gomez. It’s not a song we love, at first, yet that catchy chorus make us want to hear it again until our ears become used to the way sounds and her voice are in sync to create the junction of both sounds. It gets surprisingly pleasant to hear!

The music video that follows up the song put the message of the song in a “crazy” perspective. Emphasizing the message she is trying to pass, Selena is filmed wearing little make up, the room is foggy, hands are tied, looking crazy actually! She even has a yellow hospital admission band on the wrist (being yellow is not an urgency, yet she needs assistance fast than a normal issue) and a bandage on her upper arm. So is she sedated? Or the fogginess is her smoking weed? As it may appear she is surrounded by both scenarios!
There are 3 different sets mixing between each other during the video giving the sensation Gomez is going crazy (in love):
– a vintage/old TV showing Gomez being filmed, starts the music video
– then, she is seen wearing a black outfit, smoke all round the room, hands tied
– the 3rd set is her wearing a rose pink underwear and pink subtle colors surrounding the room

So, as you see you can think about a ton of ideas for what is actually going on here, but in my point of view it is about trying to hold on to the vast of feelings she has been experiencing concerning this guy, the way we feel a little obsessed when we have a crush, looking like we see him/her everywhere, trying to hold the feelings, lying about it when we are, in reality, feeling more than ever and so on!

A surprisingly different tune coming from Selena, a brilliant fresh air song to give something new to our ears and a crazy good sensation that we’ve all been there going coo-coo about someone.

Loving it, singing out loud! Congrats to Selena. I’m impressed!

Take a look here!

You can purchase the track


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