Zara Larsson “So Good” debut Album: Track by Track!

Swedish pop-star Zara Larsson has her first album out!

19 year old Swedish pop-star released an album back in March, 2017.
I’m going to take the time to describe a bit of every track, knowing that the album was long awaited from fans, when all we had was singles after singles, without a hard cover album.

  1. “What They Say”
    The opening track of the album starts with a good advice from Zara to her fans to believe in themselves. Zara at one point was told that she was too young to enter the music industry but she believed she could enter and prosper, just like we’ve been following. (Ah, who’s laughing now?)
    Produced by the 22 year old, British singer, song writer MNEK (known to have credits as song writer and producer for artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Diplo, MØ, Lianne La Havas, Rudimental, Naughty Boy, Little Mix, JoJo, Gorgon City, Clean Bandit and the list goes on!).
  2. “Lush Life” , 5th June 2015
    So this song has almost 2 years old and still is up to dance and singing like it came out today. With a fun dance floor vibe, this track is a carpe diem theme to living life to the fullest, have fun, dance, sing, laugh and love without worries. Ah, if reality was that easy…
    Written on a camp for singers and composers gather around, it has a sample from the song “Live My Days” from Hendersin.
  3. “I Would Like”, November 2016
    As you see, many titles has different dates, because a good part of the album are songs that were released way before the album was out. Good way to announce the next big thing, in this case Zara going international! She was already famous in Sweden by winning a Swedish version of “Got Talent” by the age of 10!
    So this track is a bomb to dance in the disco like there’s nothing bothering you and you just came to flirt and have a good time! Interpolates 1998 Sasha’s dance hall song “Dat Sexy Body”.
    A flirty, saucy, hot song, that Pitbull interpolated with a song featuring J.Lo!
    This tune is kind of a inception song, as you may notice…
  4. “So Good”, 27th January 2017
    By the beginning of the year, Zara gave us a another big hit collaborating with Ty Dolla $ign. Written by Zara herself with the help of Ty, Charlie Puth among others others. A very simple, catchy song with a background full of “song text builders”.
    On this track Zara shows her feelings to someone special, confidently stating that her love is all he needs and that love makes the guy want more…basically hook up.
    Ty part comes and gives sexual references all over his rap, telling her love is so good and they have lots of sex, so much that they just stop when he puts her to sleep, like a post orgasmic relaxation. Well, who doesn’t like that?
  5. “TG4M”, Released along with the rest of the album, just to make things different a bit, “TG4M” is a message from Zara to the guy she likes telling that she will not change her personality, staying true to herself…however she feels inferior to him, in a way, TG4M standing for To Good For Me.Zara reports in the song that her behavior has flaws:

    “I get drunk on my mind and call you at five in the morning
    And I say what I like
    And I don’t like playing nice
    I might pick a fight without warning
    But that gets boring”

    She sounds a bit like an asshole here, but good for her…he seems patient, giving her attitudes…

  6. “Only You”
    A slower, but not that much, song. It’s not that party song it has even a guitar!
    Zara describes an after-match of a sexual encounter (maybe with the boy from “I Would Like”) and she can’t stop thinking about it, wanting more and saying that he is the only one who can touch her as good as herself. (Hot stuff happened and he knows what’s up!).
    Another hot song.
  7. “Never Forget You” ft. MNEK, 10 September 2015
    So this song was released and was all over the radio, my gradma was still young! Yep, comes with the album but my ears can’t hear it no more.
    Filmed in Iceland, depicts missing someone and never forget them (as the title suggests). She stills feels the same and know for sure that her lover for this someone will last forever.
    Great vocals from both singers can be heard here, MNEK wrote and sang it with soul and passion.
    This song is sampled in a rap “Never Forget You” by J. Wright.
  8. “Sundown”
    Written by Larsson and in collaboration of Nigerian Wizkid.
    This track gets away from pop-electro vibes Zara is known for and go to a hip-hop one, changing a bit the mood of the album and giving it a different approach. Depicts the impatient Zara not wanting to wait until sundown to be with the guy she likes.
  9. “Don’t Let Me Be Yours”
    The music video for this song is the first actually released AFTER the album being available. Written by Zara and… Ed Sheeran!
    She likes this guy, however she knows he is no good for her and she is unsure if he stills find her attractive in the next morning.
    In this track, Ed shows us a lesson of how a guitar should sound even in a pop-dance song and he helps Zara, singing in back vocals.
  10. “Make That Money Girl”
    Larsson is known for being a feminist and this song is a anthem for girls to pursue successful careers and fight for dreams. She even refers a verse to her boss, Sylvia Rhone, president of a record label, which Zara is a member.
    Wrote by Zara herself and Vic Mensa, along with (again) other collaborators.
    A hopeful and strong message to girls around the world to not wanting to settle for less than their dreams!
  11. “Ain’t My Fault”, 2 September 2016
    MNEK again present, is a large part of the production. This guy just keeps getting great ideas to make anything a hit!
    Zara had written the song for fun and was about stealing a man from another girl (is this considered feminism…)? Yet, when she presented the song and the record label wanted to make it a REAL song, she needed to change the lyrics because she said she couldn’t sing about stealing another man from a girl…
  12. “One Mississipi”
    The title signifies a way of counting a second, relating to her relationship being unstable, one second is everything all right, another is everything messed up.
    A sad song putting more attention in piano than usual contrasting with the album’s main style.
  13. “Funeral”, 23rd June 2016
    A break up song. Seems like counting Mississipi definitely went wrong.
    An up tempo song to help cope with a broken heart. Pushing high notes throughout the song , gives it a strong “rely on” track to those who need to say goodbye to a relationship.
  14. “I Can’t Fall In Love Without You”
    A slow piano melody, following a break up, describing that Zara isn’t able to move on because she is still in love with her previous boy. She compares the freedom of being single with still having feelings for someone and wanting to be “attached”.
    What seems to be a sad, girly song, loses its temper on the second pre-chorus making Zara curse, hoping that guy isn’t fooling around with anybody else.
    Sadly, we all can relate one way or another.

“So Good” simplified

A crazy good and fun pop-dance album, full of a hot set of tracks.
Very girly, teenage like discovering love and heart breaks.
The album seems to be displayed as relationship’s different phases from “Lush Life” to after a break up “I Can’t Fall In Love Without You”.
A long awaited debut album from the Swedish “Got Talent” winner Zara Larsson, who is conquering everybody with her awesome vocals! Very rare this days some pop artist sing without much effort from back vocals or auto-tune! Young and killing it, I must say!

This album has some cool, summer dance tracks to sing along and dance, HOWEVER the album is still a promise of how Zara can grow, as an artist, from here. The meanings and lyrics constructions are still very cliché and immature, not exploring Zara’s voice at its fullest.
Yes, it is a awesomely good debut album, knowing that normally the artist don’t become that well known from the very beginning and we all know that new artists don’t have the freedom to present whatever song lyrics or melodies they would like, because at the very start it can turn out as a big flop and the risk is very high to everybody involved in the making.

So for a young artist, she is already making her way to the top and worked to well known artist such as David Guetta (“This One’s For You”) and Tinie Tempah (“Girls Like”). She also released several top hit singles that made a good publicity of herself and sales, as well.
At the end, everything went smooth.

Now we just wait for more coolness and good vocals to come!

Purchase her album!


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