Summer songs 2017 you should be listening!

Know the summer songs that will make you dance in 2017!

  1. “Strip That Down”, Liam Payne and Quavo

As you all know by now, every One Direction former band member is making an album, releasing songs and all have different…directions!
This time is Liam releasing a song with rapper sensation Quavo! (This guy is everywhere).
Liam sings about being in the club, not changing who he is, a girl dancing to him, attraction feelings surrounding them and a bit “controversial” line about being out of 1D making him finally free:

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free)

“Controversial” it is, however every artist wants to be free to pursue their own artistic views, so nothing to judge here.
A R&B cool, fresh song, including a Chris Brown atmosphere is all we need to dance until the sun comes.
Definitely a promised #1 Chart  Hit, sampled by another famous summer jam “It Wasn’t Me” (Shaggy ft. Ricardo Ducent). Who don’t know this precious tune?

2. “Rollin”, Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid
Calvin Harris is sliding until he rolls!
With a great promised album coming our ways titled “Funk Wav Bounces vol.1” (June 30), “Rollin” seems to be starting to heat up our ears and dance moves.
Bass, 90s hip hop throughout this track as well as funk! An amazing junction of different genres collided until giving everybody a fantastic summer hit.
Yet, compared to “Slide” , Harris slows down the tempo of this electro master piece, giving the image that you are in a convertible car riding down the west coast during a fantastic summer sunset, heading your way to a club!
Can you get more chilled out than this?
Putting in analysis the two artists featuring the track, Future keeps doing what he does, rapping about lavish lifestyle and how many girls he f*cks in a day, contrasting with Khalid bringing a calming, soothing R&B voice making it worth waiting for Future to shut up, as well as the sonority it gives to the chorus! Harris keeps the melody slow, adds a “Coldplay” piano here and there to surprise us all and Khalid breaking words at the chorus gives a funk, awesome touch to the whole piece!
Surely, a “on repeat”!

Only available on Spotify!

3. “Swish Swish”, Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj
Here comes a brand new “put-the-bass-high” kind of song!
Katy Perry is releasing her brand new album “Witness” June 9 and it is promised to be a very political, empowering, in different directions, work of art. Until now we have quite a few indications such as “Chained To The Rhythm” confronting the way society is blind to several issues (discrimination, Trump’s election and his ideas, new technology makes us prisoners, gender differences, among others.
Another example is her new music video “Bon Appétit” showing a very controversial set of images of her being cooked as well as part of a body at the end of the video being served to her.
My view on this is that “Bon Appétit” faces the way women are treated like a piece of meat and sex appeal is what matters most of the times… but it is up to discussion.
Now about “Swish Swish”, the first feature between Katy and Nicki, gives us a flawless feeling that nobody can touch us. An anthem against haters and lyrics full of beef references.
Katy could possibly be singing referring to Taylor Swift (remember the beef and “Bad Blood”) and Karma will come around for her (ouch) and Nicki gives us a rap, making verses flying to her new hater Remy Ma. Damn, it makes this even more fun!
The beat makes it all even better, with a clever sampled refrain by Fatboy Slim “Star 69” (2000) referring to the ignorance that surrounds Katy and Nicki life. “They think they know…they don’t” kind of vibe.
Take a look and dance!

4. “My Love”, Wale ft. Major Lazor, WizKid and Dua Lipa
To relax a bit after the bomb dropped above let’s take a walk by the beach with this happy, afrobeat song written only by Wale!
The music interpolates WizKid’s track “Sweet Love” and makes this a brand new “I want an Ice cream by the beach” kind of vibe!
Wale rapping, WizKid afropop singing the chorus and Dua famous voice makes this summer hit a must have on your playlist. You can’t be sad hearing this!

5. “Chasing Highs”, ALMA
A song to follow you deep in the night, when all you have is alcohol and a crush… so you better start dancing!
ALMA is now known to have some great hits with her voice and awesome mixed sounds present in the majority of her songs. Anything she releases becomes stuck in our heads.
This one is no exception. Chase that bass high and sing along about wanting to be with a special someone but afraid to give the first step!
A warm dance love song that will make your summer nights hotter than ever before!
Check it out

To get the tracks, click on the images above


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