Lana del Rey gives a “Lust For Life” after “Love”!

American singer Lana del Rey released “Lust For Life” music video featuring “Starboy” The Weeknd, May 22.

It’s still all about Hollywood, wearing and showing 60’s, but this time the theme is a more optimistic approach to life than the usual tracks sang by Lana. Regarding this album, she said that it will be for the fans, differing from her oldest work that was made describing her own life and experiences.

What a sweet way to show the fans some appreciation!

However the track being repetitive, it’s full of what Lana does best! Mixing references to old american icons, pieces of poetry and Hollywood as main focus. She mentions a tragic story about a girl (Peg Entwistle) who wanted to become an actress but ended up committing suicide jumping off from the “H of the Hollywood sign” consumed by depression. Lana can be seen referring to this event in her music video.

Other clever references present in the song are the title itself knowing that Iggy Pop has a song titled the same way; Billie Joel “Only The Good Die Young” is mentioned too and also a verse that alludes to the poem “Invictus” from William Ernest Henley when she sings:

” ‘Cause we’re the masters of our own fate; We’re the captains of our own souls”

Knowing that Del Rey is a fan of old-school artists and a poetry lover, her music is full of references like these making her work differentiate from others.
Either way, the song gives us a beautiful match between Lana’s fragile, deep and soulful voice and Abel’s calm, clean and effortless high notes almost reaching the stars! Concerning the video, things seem to be beautifully intimate as well, creating chemistry between the two and this way painting a scene matching what they are singing!

Check out the video

Nevertheless, I have a reserved feeling that Lana could be giving more, so I have hope that her new album will give an “unreleased Lana” type of new, bringing  a new direction to her indie/alternative genre…

Patiently waiting!

Have the track!


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