Youtube Music Discovery: Familiarize yourself with Alma, a multitalented neo soul YouTube singer!

Get to know Alma, a youtube singer/songwriter introducing us to her talent in Jazz and Neo Soul!


You know one of the best things on Internet? You can find some pretty amazing stuff that you weren’t able to find any other way! That’s magical and the true purpose of modern days, to connect us all!

I want to present you an amazing talented american singer, born in Wisconsin, with quite a peculiar view on life and art. Her name’s Alma and her voice is a direct result of what is in her soul.

Possessing a skill to turn a popular song in her own pop/soul conception, it gives us a perception of what an artist can be and how our minds can create wonderful things!

She’s a versatile YouTube singer, who has covers and her own music revolving around a soul, jazz ambience that easily can make us feel lost in space. Therapeutic, calm and a relaxation to the mind that many of us need sometimes!
Many of her content shows her playing the ukelele and singing main and back vocals, all her in one video!
Check out below the different Alma’s facets:

  • Lorde – “Green Light” Acoustic cover
    This is a perfect example of what Alma can do! When you start to hear her soulful voice arranged only with an Ukelele and her junction of different voice tones you have a wonderful, fresh new version that ultimately makes you think maybe you like this cover more than the original!
  • Beyoncé – “Sandcastles” Cover Acapella
    When you think she has already a unique voice with great technique involved that not all artists have, she gives us a short video of a beautiful song by Beyoncé…acapella!
    The discipline and music skills here present are outstanding! The harmonized voice gives this piece an excellent portrait to this cover and a brief demo of Alma’s music capabilities.
  •   Alma – “Worn”
    If you don’t know, Alma has her own music too and writes many of her songs.
    “Worn” is a track from her album “Tactics”, released back in 2014 and delivers a stunning melody embraced by Alma’s vocals. A tasteful guitar opens the scene along with a relaxed drum beat. Near the chorus, Alma’s voice becomes one with the sax, making it a crazy passionate melody.
    Reminds me at times of a departed genius, Amy Winehouse.A splendid surprise I encountered and wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share this with you all out there looking for deep connections to different music genres.

    If you want to find out more about Alma click:

  • YouTube, explore her musical world.
  • Facebook, be friends and know what she is up to.
  • Official Website, get to know her.
  • VOICES, a podcast for singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, & more! A project by Alma.
  • VOICES iTunes.
  • To buy “Tactics” click the Album Art image below!


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