Bryson Tiller New Album “True To Self” REVIEW

Bryson Tiller new album released today, May 26!
Does the album make the 19 tracks look good or…simply too much?

Rapper/R&B artist Bryson Tiller released today (May 26) his second studio album.
It’s a shame when a prosperous artist leaves people (like me) drowned in expectations and the album becomes “meh…” quality!
“True To Self” has 19 tracks and I can count by the fingers in one hand the good ones.
Mainly boring and one sided focused all through the almost 20 TRACKS, it makes difficult to appreciate his work. Basic, same as others, no freshness…at all! “True To Self” may come as a way to Bryson comes clean with mostly what he has been doing with girls in his life. No more lies can be seen as a main theme to most of the songs present in this sophomore album.

So, main picture is narratives about problems with these girls.
He used to fuck them and no longer works, girl has a boyfriend he tell her that he could be better than the other guy…in the end, he leaves her hanging alone because he just want to have sex and be single. Damn, how many times do we hear the same thing from different artists? Problem is, these tracks aren’t even up tempo, no one can dance to it while pretending it’s a hit.

Do you want more failures to this album?
The majority of the songs has almost the SAME builded beat, auto-tune going straight to our ears at the chorus without, at least, trying to mask it.
Looking for dope rhymes? Better look in another album… I lost count at how many times I heard “n*gga” rhyming with…precesely!: “n*gga”. Do you want one more clever: “yourself” with “himself”.
wow, must take a genius to come up with those lines. “Blowing Smoke” is a good example. Hard beat, maybe one of the hardest in the album, that’s good. Story telling flow? Can’t concentrate.

I’m truly disappointed.

Between so many songs about the back and forth love life of Bryson, he gives us a completely lost in lyrics song…makes no sense. Personally, I’m the kind of person that follows a story in a music and if I get the sense that those lyrics don’t match/make sense then what’s the purpose of the music at all? He breaks the narrative at one point, gives me the sensation they wrote it in one hour just to add up material.
I’m talking about “You Got It”.
Bryson sings about a girl, seeing something different in her comparing to his ex that was only with him for money. However, back in verse 1 he was describing what he buys to this new girl… So, the problem is not with the girl. We don’t know her true intentions, but the way he doesn’t realise that buying everything to a girl at the beginning of a relationship just because she’s special, he’s actually trying to buy her love…
That’s my view, feel free to disagree. I wouldn’t make a song complaining about an ex gold digging and then describing the same mistake I’m making with this new girl.

Okay, comes “Self-Made” and things get turned up! Addressing his success (remember “T R A P S O U L” debut album reached Platinum just 6 month after being out).
Here we encounter a beat that make you move. Tiller talks about the things he can buy for him and his girl(s) due to his own success and approaches others who say they made him famous, stating that all effort is on himself. Great, I found a good track here.

“Run Me Dry” comes right after the “Self-Made” and brings a rhythmic beat added by a good up-tempo flow. A rap probably about his ex who left him nearly in debt.

“High Stakes” is the 10th track and seems like good music was hiding mid-album.
Tells the story of Bryson career trajectory and where he is now. Flows with pretty clever lines about his ascending fame, loosing friends who happened to grow up jealous of him and why he’s not going back to his previous life. My favorite track lives here.

“I wake up and see a roof over my head
Used to be the roof of a ’04 Audi
That shit used to be my bed
Lot of disrespect from those who used to be my friends
Lot of chicks to replace, hoes used to be friends”

Nice one!
Why isn’t the album full of this content?!

I’ll let you with his new music video “Something Tells Me”, talking about a girl who felt hurt by him always being busy and hanging with girls in his music videos (probably just being intimate for the video itself, but his girl didn’t think it was that funny).
He has a feeling that the relationship won’t last between the two of them. Beautiful girls here, however I can’t find a flow. Judge by yourself.

Summarizing, I can’t describe how basic this is. I think I had so many expectations for Bryson Tiller, yet it came out against what I wanted. My bad!
Maybe in the future…


Get the album clicking the image!


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