MUSE “Dig Down”, new Music Video

British rock band released a new music video for the single “Dig Down”

The track is their first single to an upcoming album that is expected to be out by 2018.

Let’s face it straightforward…not the best song from MUSE. They need to dig down a bit more!
Possessing an optimistic and rebellious message, the song can’t deliver much more than that and that’s unfortunately a shame, in part because almost during the entire song the continuous same under-water electronic mixer gives it a turn off!

I find the message quite a shout out to all of us not being stopped by the system and fight against it when they want to shut us down and behave like they want. In these times, that’s a quite powerful messageĀ that we all should hear and unite against so many tyrannies. Not settle for less than what we deserve!

Yet!, great lyrics, boring melody. Matt drags his voice the entire song, helping it become a failure, knowing the song could bring more energy to it.
All together makes the message looking like they are already defeated, trying to find an anthem to sing while they try to fight, making the feeling not match the message.

Take a look and judge for yourself

“When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne
We must find a way”

Letting you know as a side note that Matt sings here a direct line to Donald Trump referring to him as a clown. Ouch, yet I agree.


Get the single clicking the image below:


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