Iggy Azalea ft Anitta: “Switch”! When “Anaconda” wasn’t embarassing enough…

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea released “Switch” featuring brazilian singer Anitta.

“Switch” is the 3rd single from Iggy’s upcoming album Digital Distortion, probably dropping on June 30th.
Well, an album that is highly anticipated but I wonder why?! Another disappointment, honestly… I think Iggy created a flop and seems like it’s hard to come from it. She releases a song, gets audience but soon dies. It’s plastic. I also think she started the hype with the twerk thing too… back in 2013 when “Work” came out, talking about her past and what she had to do to go that far, she was already twerking, dancers also twerking and the shortest clothes she could grab… it’s nothing that new, so “Switch” is going to be around that line too…unfortunately. (I know this because the Music Video fell on the internet, hacked).
Sucks to be an artist when this happens and all your content saved for a determined date is released before time due to a hacker. Well, moving on.
Regarding the singles to this album and more recently “Switch”, it just expresses some despair in staying relevant… no matter if she raps about Iggy being the sh*t or not… I think she needs to upgrade her game and really show more talent besides the ass shaking.
It gets ridiculous!

Digital Distortion will have “Team” the lead single…released back in March 2016!
A year goes by and this March she reappears with “Mo Bounce”, an annoying song about ass bouncing and we also have two KIDS dancing in the music video… dancing to an ASS themed music…
Well, now we have a date to this sophomore album but the content until now is very weak.
“Switch” just shows that is more of the same…ass shaking, no real musical content, a collaboration with Anitta, a brazilian singer that in every opportunity possible she shakes her ass and at the same time she has pretty fun musics. Not deep, but funny.
With her groovy rythms,  a good singer and being brazilian, anything she sings we can dance to it. It’s like Shakira but more ass, more summer and “calor”!
Congrats to Anitta for being made international as a side note!

But I still need a break with this music non-sense! There’s no art there. So if you want just fun, I advise to listen…yes!
At the end of the day I have mixed feelings! From these three singles I talked a bit about, it gets me irritated! Actually, “Switch” has a pretty sick beat, the deep bass makes it cool so I give a point for that.
I give another point to Iggy herself, because I find that she fight to be where she is and going all the way from Australia to the States takes a lot of “balls”. It gives me an impression that if she is in the high show biz, then she must have some talent for rap.
Until now, it’s hiding somewhere…

Regarding what Iggy said about the song, it is about being confident, bossy and women living like they want to. Well, I find it encouraging but I think Iggy could do better than this basic, cheap music and try a more meaningful approach to what she wants to express. Maybe later.

The Music Video from “Switch” is not available yet, so I’ll give you the performance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



Get the track here!


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