Katy Perry’s new album “Witness” – Surprisingly good!

New album “Witness” released on 9th June is a pop bomb of fresh air!

So, as it seems Katy Perry is living quite a stressful years and she got “naked” for us all to see last week when she created a Big Brother reality show kinda of thing with her youtube account in collab with YouTube. Not only was a brand new form of promoting her album (notice that her promo singles weren’t received so well as previously with other albums), but also to show how a pop star known world wide lives and how stressful could be to be a famous person.
She invited, throughout the live stream week, several different relevant people from all areas of entertainment, some she knew already and others were completely new to her. Even a brazilian female fan was invited to attend one of her dinner nights…lucky, huh?

Back to the album, it’s a completely different form of album from Katy’s previous works, it tastes different! Pop is still all over the place, but the album is much more intimate.
Intimate, fresh, courageous and grabs a “back to 80’s disco” vibe that everyone will love.
Altogether, seems like Katy Perry invested her heart and soul in making a nude album full of truth and not so much candy like “California Girls” kinda of music. It was a surprise, a good one! However, as I was reading the public feedback, many say it’s a flop. Well, I agree and disagree. This album was not made to play on the radio every 10 minutes like every other Katy Perry song, it’s a “free your mind”, adventurous one. Many 10 year-olds will not like, but really this is not an album to quick-impressed people. There’s no “Roar” or “Last Friday Night”.  Instead, the album focus on different issues from the way she sees society as it is, to failed love relationships, to believe in the power of oneself or an invite to simply dive in intimacy with her and leave all things that doesn’t matter behind.
A therapeutic approach to the depressive mind of Perry at this moment, struggling with problems of her childhood and the battle between being the fearless Katy Perry and Katheryn Hudson: the geeky, childish part of her (seems like the second doesn’t sell so much, that’s why many think this album sucks).
Sad, but hope she can overcome her issues and find peace through music and good energy surrounding her.

If you aren’t familiar with the album, all tracks are available (free) on Youtube so I can suggest you give it a try. Begin with “Witness” to hear a lot of new sounds not usually connected to Katy; jump to “Hey Hey Hey” to feel empowered and a much deeper version of “Roar”; “Roulette” brings the 80s disco vibe mixed with modern mixers, singing about just jumping and live in the moment; “Déjà Vu” (my favorite) brings a more serious touch around a relationship being stuck in a cicle, joining to this serious atmosphere the beat upbrings the emotions, marking an awesome confusion to your feelings; go to “Power” if you want to feel self-confident and believe in yourself, following the similiar message in the song “Swish Swish”, but with an interesting jazzy, hard drums instrumental! “Mind Maze” – this song is like going to Paris but not see the Eifel Tower. This song depicts Katy struggling with her mental state and letting us know what she is going through. Following the lyrics, we can build the idea Katy gave us on live stream – Katy vs Katheryn. Very interesting, adding an autotune to her voice that doesn’t bother us hearing. “Miss You More” is a hard, maybe the saddest song on the album, concerning a past relationship that did not end well; “Save As Draft” follows the same issue with an opening of keyboard sound that ilustrates the song; “Tsunami” is a more sexual song, that helps our mind fly from her storm to a happier Katy; “Pendulum” is another great music that, in my opinion, speaks about what people tell Katy… not changing herself and stay as she was, even if she’s not happy with it. Apparently, Katy chose not to listen! She needed to find better than she had already. Then came this brilliant album. AH! “Bigger Than Me” let us go inside of what Katy thinks she needs to follow her true purpose.

The singles are also present in the album, but I’m not referring them because in a way you must already be familiar with it and they are more commercial and political. As you can see, even if you’re not a fan of Katy, you can easily become familiar with her and the album. Who never went through these phases of life? At least, we all have that in common.

For many a flop, to me a master piece this year that many don’t understand. After all, Katy is a big artist for some reason. She can be versatile and all the ideas surrounding the album, lyrics and new sound arrangements, way of promoting are incredibly unique and edgy. Congrats!

I’ll give you “Bon Appétit” to mess with your head first.

“Witness” as an opening:

“Mind Maze” as a must-hear:


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