Has James Arthur released an Album? – Review

X Factor winner has released a music video to his song "Can I Be Him"! James Arthur is back, sort of... Yes, James has released an album...back in 2016! But it comes with ups and downs. After some troubled years, James released "Back From The Edge" in October, 28th 2016. What happened to James Arthur? Since... Continue Reading →


Miley has a new song “Malibu”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...! Ah, what a wonderful feeling! And we can just feel it all over "Malibu" new song from Miley Cyrus. Yep, that Miley who twerked like there's no tomorrow back in 2013! That short-haired, naked artist who sang "Wrecking Ball" (2013) is no longer there, instead we have old Miley coming back from... Continue Reading →

Music Review. Plagiarism. Really?

Well, first things first, let´s start with the fake. I bring you four songs that lack creativity or maybe it is all part of a lazy imagination. I come late to this topic, but at least I came! Eurovision Song Contest - Grand Final, Kiev, 2017 Germany´s singer Levina gave us a perfect nostalgia with her... Continue Reading →

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