Miley has a new song “Malibu”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...! Ah, what a wonderful feeling! And we can just feel it all over "Malibu" new song from Miley Cyrus. Yep, that Miley who twerked like there's no tomorrow back in 2013! That short-haired, naked artist who sang "Wrecking Ball" (2013) is no longer there, instead we have old Miley coming back from... Continue Reading →

Music Review. Plagiarism. Really?

Well, first things first, let´s start with the fake. I bring you four songs that lack creativity or maybe it is all part of a lazy imagination. I come late to this topic, but at least I came! Eurovision Song Contest - Grand Final, Kiev, 2017 Germany´s singer Levina gave us a perfect nostalgia with her... Continue Reading →

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